Décor Items That Can Inspire Your Next Travel Adventure

You don’t need to be a seasoned traveler to decorate your home like you’ve travelled the globe. Instead of waiting around until you’ve built your souvenir collection, why not have décor items that can inspire your next travel adventure? Infuse your home with décor items from places on your travel destination wish list. Doing this serves as a constant reminder of all the places you’d like to visit, but can also be a motivator to work towards your goal. As you work your way around the globe, you can incorporate actual souvenirs into your décor scheme and put your memories on display.

Here are a few decor items that won’t only serve as inspiration for your next adventure, but will add to the visual appeal in any room of your home.

A Personal Photo Wall

Even if you’re not the best photographer, displaying photos you’ve taken on your own can be a great way to showcase your memories. The photos don’t have to be perfect, nor do you have to be in them. Photos of landscape are just as beautiful. Get creative with your wall, try funky frames or sticking them directly onto your walls. Have it be an extension of your love for travel and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Repurposing Fabrics

Shopping around for vintage fabrics that can be incorporated into your home décor can be a fun activity for your travels. Be sure to inspect the entire fabric thoroughly. Look for sun fades, which cause the cloth to rot. Also, look out for stains, mold and mildew. These are things that aren’t fixable so really think twice before buying. These fabrics can be used to give your bedroom an updated look. With them, you can make blankets, quilts and even headboards that fit your design scheme

Vintage Suitcase Décor

Suitcases are like a traveler’s must-have staple. So, what better way to inspire yourself to save for that next trip? Search for hard case suitcases at your local thrift store and get creative with the décor possibilities. Try using it as a bedside table by propping it on a short bar stool. Decorate with contemporary lamps and vases filled with bright colored flowers. You can also try to create a suitcase sculpture. Be as creative as you’d like and let it be infused by your desire to travel.

Postcard Wall Art

Although, it may seem like no one buys postcards anymore, they make the perfect decor item that inspires travel. Because they cost little to nothing to purchase, they’re easy to get a hold of. And the best part, you don’t have to travel far to get them; postcards are made everywhere! Start your collection with a postcard from your hometown. Keep building your collection by visiting a local thrift shop to see what you can find. Create a decorative wall art with your favorite postcard taking center stage. And why not throw in some inspirational travel quotes in there as well. Wall art stickers are totally in right now.

Give Your Bed A Makeover

We’re all guilty of loving the cozy feel of our hotel bed just a little more than our own, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Invest in a quality duvet cover, super soft linens and some plush pillows and snuggle into your newly transformed bed. Nothing says getaway more than a relaxing room to unwind. So why not make your bedroom that space that you never want to leave?

Coffee Table Décor

Ok, I have to admit, I’m kind of a book nerd, so this idea is genius to me. Books are great décor pieces because not only can you get them in different sizes and colors, but it’s also easy to just grab a stack from your library and make your living space more comfortable. Try to incorporate as many travel photography books as you can; this allows you to add to your travel wish list while admiring the beauty of faraway places

Vintage Flags

Collecting flags from places you’ve visited or want to visit is a great way to add a bit of character to any room in your home. Flags usually consist of a variation of colors, which can be useful when trying to brighten your home. There are so many options when decorating with flags; you can put them in a frame and hang in your favorite room or you can add it to a pen holder in your office. Make sure that the flag is somewhere that’s easy to spot and reminds you of somewhere you want to go.

Scented Candles


An easy way to inspire your next travel adventure is to use scented candles. Because they’re made in a wide variety of scents, you can practically find any scent to suit your next travel idea. In the summer, we all want to lay in a hammock somewhere on the beach sipping on a piña colada, right? Why not find an ocean or sea breeze scented candle. Strategically place it in a room where you go to relax and light it whenever you need a stress reliever. This will allow the brain to associate sea breeze scents with relaxation and make it much easier to book that ticket to Cabol.

A Globe

A globe is one of those classic staples that a traveler needs in their home. You can invest in either a table or floor globe and really let it add to your room décor. A fun way to keep adding to it is to stick pins or stickers on places as you travel to them. Globes can serve as inspiration but also collects memories from your past travel experiences.

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